Mercedes SLK

I do love open top cars, or sometimes called convertibles or soft tops. I think the Mercedes SLK is a fantastic convertible car, are used to think the Mercedes SLK was a hair dressers car. But now after having driven one I think they are an amazing vehicle because the one I have driven is a 280 engine which means it can go very fast, it can reach up to 155 mph which is quite impressive. A Mercedes SLK 280 has a 2.8 L engine. This means it is very quick and I do drive it reasonably fast when I can but obviously within the legal speed limit.

 When my friend was looking for an open top car, we looked at several different types of car we looked at a golf, and Audi TT and several Mercedes SLK’s. We chose the Mercedes SLK because it is an amazing vehicle and we could get a very good one although it was a used vehicle for a good price and it was in very good condition. We were very lucky to find the car we found because when you look for used cars there are many out there and they aren’t always in a good condition.

 Yes we were very lucky to find a great condition car that was close to where we live and therefore if we have any problems we could go back to the car show room and talk to the dealer to sort it out. Because there are always issues with used  cars and they have to be dealt with, so it is always good to try and find a local dealer because eight times out of 10 you have to go back and talk to them to try and sort out a problem, the problem could be a very small or very large but because a car is a vehicle that is used on the road, it can get into trouble have engine problems have great big problems or as there are so many mechanical elements to a car that something is bound to go wrong.

 In summary, the Mercedes SLK is a great car for the summer because it has a great metal roof that retracts into the boot giving you open air driving. Which I find is amazing as I have only really driven a Saab convertible car before which really is not in the same class as the Mercedes SLK. And as it is almost summer now, wellspring really it is a great idea to take an open top car out and go for a drive. If you have any questions or comments, please email me.