According to the Energy Savings Trust (EST), installing energy effective windows helps to minimise your carbon footprint and your energy expenses. There are 3 key ways in which installing double or triple glazing can provide advantages to your house:


If you install energy effective glazing, this will decrease heat loss through windows, which suggests less draughts and cold areas.

Less Noise

Considering that energy efficient windows essentially imply more layers of glass, they will likewise insulate your house against external sound along with the cold weather.

Less condensation

Because of the way they are engineered, these energy efficient windows reduce condensation build up on the within windows, which implies a much healthier environment to live in.

Energy effective windows will likewise definitely decrease heating costs. We all know how cold the UK winters can get, but a small expense now on setting up double or triple glazing will see an enormous financial investment in time by conserving cash year on year.

How Much Could You Conserve?

You might save in between ₤ 25-35 per year on your heating bills if you live in a flat anywhere in the UK. Flats tend to be more insulated because you have neighbours above or listed below you or both. In fact, the amount you conserve does depend on where your flat is put in the structure. However, if you do feel the draughts in the flat where you live, a ₤ 35 saving is absolutely worth the investment, as you’ll feel more comfortable after putting energy efficient windows in, along with the waiting can bring.

Mid-terrace or bungalows can take advantage of anything up to a ₤ 60 reduction in costs, based on the age and style of house you live in. Semi-detached homes can save as much as ₤ 80 per year, whilst completely separated houses see the most significant conserving at as much as ₤ 110 annually.

All of these estimations are based on common gas-heated homes and will vary depending upon the geographical place of your house. If you live in a location that is yet to have energy efficient windows installed, then according to this information, you are ensured to conserve money on bills annually. It is a wise option to put in double or triple glazing if any of the windows in your home are still single glazed.

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